How to Save Money on Water Bills

How to Save Money on Water Bills

Saving water is important for many reasons (e.g. helping the environment and reducing your utility costs). Use these easy tricks to regulate your water consumption and ensure better water management in your home.

    Fix leaks – Small leaks can become significant over time, sometimes equaling thousands of litres of water in a month. This can also cause your utility bills to suddenly increase. Search your house for any possible leaks and have them fixed immediately. Common offenders are toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

    Take shorter showers – Avoid taking long showers and baths to reduce the amount of water used. Recent research also claims that it’s actually better for the body and skin to not shower every day. Short showers are also more efficient for everyday purposes.

    Avoid leaving water running – Every drop of water counts. Refrain from leaving the water running unnecessarily for your tasks (e.g. washing dishes, bathing, brushing teeth, or shaving). Turn on the tap only when you need to rinse or wet something, rather than leaving it on for an extended period of time.

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    Store cold water in the fridge – For a more efficient way to store cold water, keep it in the fridge. Rather than using tap water (and waiting for it to get cold) every time you drink, fill pitchers and reusable bottles; refrigerate them for later use.

    Run full dish and laundry loads – Run only full loads of dishes and laundry in the dishwasher and washing machine. Filling the machines to their maximum capacity reduces usage and conserves water. These appliances are generally used throughout the week, so using them more efficiently can significantly reduce the amount of water wasted.

    Recycle water – Reuse water that would otherwise be thrown away (e.g. leftover drinking water, fallen ice cubes, or water from washing vegetables). Reuse the water for other tasks, including watering plants or cooking. You can also use a rain barrel to capture rainwater for the same purposes. Consider putting a large bucket in your shower, to catch excess droplets. The savings add up!

    Replace old equipment – Old and worn parts tend to lose efficiency as they age. Make sure that they are replaced to avoid further water waste. Newer models of faucets, toilets, and aerators can also improve water conservation without compromising performance.

These tips not only help you save on your water bill, you’ll better manage water usage in your home.

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