No matter the size of your commercial or residential plumbing needs in Mississauga, Burlington, or Oakville, the equipment used is pretty much the same in either environment. However, there are key differences that an experienced master plumber understands. Whether you need commercial plumbing or residential plumbing services, Abbey Plumbing & Mechanical provides the experience and quality you want for the job.


We offer several services to both types of clients:

  • Rebuilding fixtures
  • Replacing fixtures
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Providing equipment
  • Replacing old lines
  • General repairs and troubleshooting

Because of the size of most commercial properties and their larger number of outlets and pipes, they have additional needs. We can also:

  • Install water lines
  • Install pumps for wastewater

Special Commercial Plumbing Needs

Many commercial buildings have several floors or stories, each with toilets, sinks, and a large network of piping. Gravity affects the system and maintaining water pressure is important. Because of this vast network, commercial plumbing addresses a greater number of challenges/issues than residential. Geoff Bell has over 55 years’ experience and stays up to date with all the codes involved, and knows the problems that can crop up in non-residential locations.


One of the worst experiences a family or business owner can experience is an emergency plumbing problem. Not only is a capable plumber going to advise you how to avoid such situations, he’ll be available should that “bad day” arrive. Geoff is valued for his ability to talk people through an emergency situation over the phone, to troubleshoot, and get to the source of any problem you might encounter.

Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical knows how to address any plumbing issues, whether commercial or residential. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide peace of mind. Our satisfied clients in Burlington, Mississauga, or Oakville can attest: If you want the expertise required to know that your job has been done right the first time, and the work will last, call us: (905) 822-0521.