Seven Halloween Plumbing Tips

Seven Halloween Plumbing Tips

It’s Halloween night, and you’re already pretty spooked by the atmosphere, the decorations, and the parade of ghosts, goblins, and witches that have been knocking on your door. The pipes creak and you ask yourself if it’s all just your imagination, or if something more sinister may be lurking. Truthfully, it’s not ghosts and demons that are your worst nightmare on Halloween. Plumbing disasters in the home seem to start appearing when temperatures drop, so it’s important to know the symptoms of plumbing problems and how to prevent them from happening.

Here are some Halloween plumbing tips to help keep your holiday free from floods and other mishaps.

1. Keep pumpkin pulp, seeds, and candy wrappers out of your kitchen drain and/or garbage disposal or you’ll clog the pipe (and cause the mechanism to malfunction). The same rule is true of all sinks and toilets in the house. Do not try to flush candy wrappers or uneaten chocolate down the toilet or put food down the sink. You’ll end up plugging up the pipes and causing a flood. The resulting damage and expense will be your real horror show this Halloween.

The pumpkin insides that remain after you finish your carving belong in the organic garbage bin, or even better, in your compost. If there are any useful pieces of pumpkin left, cut them up, place them on a tray, drizzle some oil over them, and cook them in the oven for a tasty treat. If you have enough you can even bake a sweet pumpkin pie for dessert. You should also hang onto the leftover pumpkin seeds, wash them off, and roast them in the oven. They make a delicious post-Halloween snack.

Don’t drink the water!

2. Let’s say it’s Halloween night and you go to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water. Instead of the fresh, clear water you are expecting, jet black water comes pouring out of the tap. Before you decide that your house is the new site of Amityville Horror, you should know that black water indicates some kind of long term buildup or corrosion somewhere along the pipes. The culprit is most likely the water heater, if you have one. Give your local plumber a call and they’ll look for the source of the buildup and fix the problem.

3. What if you go to turn on the tap and you suddenly have no water or extremely low water pressure? Are you being haunted by the ghost of unpaid water bills, or is there another explanation? Think for a minute. If you handed out subpar treats, the neighbourhood kids may have decided to turn off your main water supply from outside as a little mischievous payback. “Trick or treat!”

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4. Halloween makeup may seem innocent enough, but it can make a big mess of your drain and your pipes. Many lipsticks, eyeliners, greasepaint, (and even expensive foundations) are full of thick oils which can line the pipes and slow them down considerably. This kind of residue is very difficult to remove, and will only end up costing you money in future plumbing fixes. Show your kids how to remove their holiday makeup carefully with a gentle cleaning solution applied to a cotton ball, washcloth or wipe, and then dispose of it in the garbage can. Do not throw wipes in the toilet, even if the product instructions state explicitly that you can safely do so. Unused makeup that you don’t want also belongs in the trash, not in the toilet or down the drain.

Things that “go bump in the night” — your pipes!

5. If you’ve lately been lying awake listening to the pipes creaking in the night, don’t fear poltergeists or other extra-dimensional paranormal beings. Chances are your pipes are becoming loose, or the water pressure is too high. Creaking sounds can also be caused by hot water moving through pipes and making them expand, followed by cold water which leads the pipes to contract. Insulating the pipes can solve this problem and stop the frightening sounds, if that is the source of the creaking. All of these issues can lead to much bigger problems, so make sure you call a plumber as soon as possible to take care of it right away.


6. The sound of a dripping faucet in the middle of the night can be frightening and ominous. Make no mistake about it, the real horror show begins when you get your next water bill and process how much water is being wasted by all of these accumulated drops. The expense really does add up over time. Research carried out by National Geographic uncovered the fact that approximately 14% of an average family’s water bill is specifically due to leaky taps. You can secure that faucet yourself by tightening the setscrew, which can be found under the cap. If you’re unsure how to fix the tap on your own, call your local plumber and get the problem fixed so you can start saving!

7. It’s All Hallows‘ Eve and you’re hanging out at home all by yourself. You think you catch the sound of some very stealthy footsteps coming from the attic, and you start to get a little nervous. Is someone up there? You’re not really sure. You stop and listen, frozen, and then suddenly you hear the unmistakable sound of the floor creaking high above your head. You call out into the empty house, “Is somebody there?” There’s another creaking sound. You take out our card and pick up the phone…should you call a plumber?

No, you should call a pest control professional! You probably have raccoons or squirrels in the attic!

Sometimes plumbing isn’t the problem

If you do happen to have a plumbing emergency on Halloween – or any other time, of course – be sure to contact Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical; we’ll come over right away and solve the problem for you quickly and efficiently. Have a look at our comprehensive list of plumbing services, read our company’s story, and meet our loyal team. With Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical on your speed dial, you have no reason to be afraid. Happy Halloween! Call (905) 822-0521.


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