LICENSED PLUMBER Why Do I Need a Licensed Plumber?

If you require plumbing for Mississauga homes or businesses, you will want to bring in a licensed plumber. Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical has served the area for nearly 30 years and can help you with any plumbing repair or emergency service. Receive Service within 24 hours in Most Cases.
Plumbing work is not simple. Many people who’ve tried the “DIY” method have only worsened their problems and can attest that they should have called a licensed plumber in Mississauga before attempting to fix a leak or a flood themselves.
It happens all the time, especially for people living in old houses with poor insulation. The weather drops below zero, you put a slow drip on your faucets, and go to sleep. In the middle of the night, you hear that dreaded creak or groan – a pipe is bursting. You race to turn off the water in the house but the damage has already been done; you have at least one room filled with dirty water. Do you call your local handyman at 3:00 a.m.? Chances are he won’t answer. That’s when a reputable company is your saving grace. If you need plumbing repairs in Mississauga, you need to phone someone who’ll pick up your call, no matter the hour.


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