Reasons to Install a Garburator

Reasons to Install a Garburator

Most garbage disposals or garburators in kitchen sinks have a chamber inside that contains shredding blades. These shredding blades help break down food scraps and deposits before pushing it down the drain with the help of running water from the faucet. There are two types of garburators available in the market:






  • Continuous-feed Activated by a switch while you run water
  • Batch-feed Activated by turning a stopper after loading the disposal.


Both types can be advantageous, depending how you wish to get rid of your waste. Many property owners falsely believe that installing a garburator is a costly option. However, garbage disposals provide a multitude of benefits that help increase a home’s value.


 Reasons to Install a Garburator

Reasons why you may want to install a garburator:

1. Creates a clean environment. Several kitchen activities (like food preparation) can leave debris and trash. Leftover ingredients may rot, leaving an unpleasant smell in your kitchen and surrounding areas. This smell can attract insects and roden infestation. Installing a garburator immediately rids your kitchen of scraps by grinding them before disposal.

2. Promotes faster kitchen clean-up. A well-functioning garbage disposal unit decreases cleanup time by crushing and grinding food scraps. This eliminates the need to gather materials and make frequent trips to the bins to throw out trash.

3. Prevents clogs and other costly repairs. Garburators prevent sink clogs caused by accumulated food debris.

4. Elevates a home’s value. A built-in garburator inside a house is appealing to potential buyers Many new homebuyers are looking for convenience.


Reasons to Install a Garburator


Garburators decrease time and energy spent cleaning your kitchen after meals. If you have a garbage disposal, maintain and protect your safety by:


  • Turning it “OFF” before removing any debris or stuck articles — even better, turn off the fuse to take away power to that area
  • Using something other than fingers to remove clogged matter
  • Avoiding commercial drain cleaners that can damage the drain
  • Placing lemon slices in the garburator and running it with warm water to remove bad smells


Reasons to Install a Garburator


Garburators (i.e. garbage disposals) in your sink can be beneficial, especially if you don’t have organics waste pickup in your area. Talk to a reliable plumbing company about installation.

Abbey Mechanical and Plumbing offers plumbing repair and installation services in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you have a residential or commercial kitchen, we can install garburators and handle all your drainage issues. Call us at (905) 822-0521 to schedule an appointment.


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