Beginner Plumbing Facts for Homeowners

Beginner Plumbing Facts for Homeowners

All major plumbing problems should be left in the hands of licensed technicians. However, small in-home fixes can be accomplished if you build some knowledge about basic components of the system. Wade through minor plumbing mishaps until a reliable plumber can fix your pipes.

Here are some basic plumbing facts for homeowners:


PVC and CPVC pipes serve different purposes

  • A PVC (acronym for polyvinyl chloride) pipe is commonly used for drainage and plumbing and is used as a replacement for metal piping. It is a thermoplastic material molded into different shapes to create fittings, pipes, valves, cold water systems, vent systems, and drainage systems.
  • CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipes are more resistant and are commonly used for commercial and industrial applications. They can withstand a wider range of temperatures which is why they are mainly used for hot water applications. CPVC pipes are generally more expensive.

Shut-off valves are useful

Shut-off valves allow you to shut off the water in one particular area and not the entire house. Adding shut-off valves can be useful if you are working in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere.

A leaky toilet makes a water bill balloon

leaky faucet

A surging water bill is often due to a leaky toilet or a constantly running toilet. Generally, majority of the water expenses are attributed to the frequent use of water in the bathrooms. A leaky toilet might be caused by a damaged flapper (the rubber part at the back of the toilet). Regularly inspect your bathroom to detect similar issues and fix them right away.

Vent pipes are required for all toilets

Vent pipes are necessary parts for all toilets and should be installed along the exterior of your home. Each toilet needs one vent pipe except when it is installed close to another toilet unit. In this case, you can connect the two toilets to the same vent pipe.

PVC and CPVC pipes are measured differently

pvc pipe


PVC pipes are measured by their inside diameter. CPVC pipes are measured on the outside. If you have a pipe that needs replacing, take a small piece of it to the hardware store and ask their advice.

When in doubt about a plumbing concern, it’s always best to contact a licensed plumber. However, a little know-how might help you stave off water damage until the pros arrive.

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