Troublesome Toilet Leak? Detect It with a Common Kitchen Ingredient

toilet leakingIf you have a toilet leaking into the bowl, you can try to address the problem yourself. First, open the top of the tank. Add a few drops of food colouring to the water reservoir. Let the colouring filter through for 10-15 minutes. If the same colour appears in the toilet bowl, this indicates the toilet tank is leaking.

Leaks are common among toilets that have been used for many years. Though the toilet’s structure is made from hard substances, the internal mechanisms are not. The fill valves, seal rings, and operational levers are all made from materials like plastic and rubber. These will degrade over time.

The most common way to fix a leaky toilet tank is to replace the bottom seal ring. This component helps form a tight barrier. Gravity forces a steady trickle of water into the bowl.

This excess water movement produces a noticeable, constant sound, and wastes water (and money). If the leak is bad enough, it will also affect the force with which a toilet flushes. This can result in many other messy and inconvenient plumbing problems.

Though replacing the tank seal ring is a relatively easy fix, most people would rather have an expert do the job right. Experienced plumbers and toilet repair services like our team at Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical can finish this type of job in mere minutes. Call us an appointment and/or toilet service at (905) 822.0521.

Don’t continue to worry about a leaky toilet. Have our experts solve the problem immediately.


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