Drain Problems Requiring Immediate Repair

While most drainage problems begin subtly, they can cause huge damage if neglected. In fact, you could end up replacing an entire pipe if you postpone seemingly minor repairs. Below are some drain issues that require immediate attention:


Drain Problems Requiring Immediate Repair

The intensity of drain pipe corrosion depends on the kind of material that makes up your drain pipes. Copper pipes are resistant to the kind of rust that usually affects iron and steel. However, chlorine and formaldehyde particles found in soil are capable of corroding copper, weakening the pipes and subsequently creating leaks. Failure to discover and repair leaks can cause damage to your property.

Tree Root Intrusion

Drain Problems Requiring Immediate Repair

Tree root systems often penetrate into water and sewer pipes, causing major damage. Have nearby roots removed before they spread within the pipes and require replacement of the entire pipe. Various tree services can sometimes transplant a tree further from your property, saving both the pipes and tree growth.

Lime Scale Buildup

Many of us know that hard water can negatively impact a plumbing system. Hard water can also cause severe damage to drain and sewer systems. Lime scale buildup restricts effective flow of waste water through pipes. Failure to remove scale allows it to harden, making it virtually impossible to remove.

Pipe Sagging

This is a common problem for areas with loose soil. Pipe sagging, also known as “bellying,” occurs when the ground around the line shifts, misaligning the pipe and subsequently causing a low point for waste to collect. As a result, the flow of waste water through the pipe is disrupted, causing backups. In the event of a significant shift, pipes can crack.

Clogged Drains

Drain Problems Requiring Immediate Repair

Malfunctioning drains need immediate attention. The unsanitary mess resulting from stopped up drains and toilets is difficult to clean. Avoid this problem by calling for help right away.

If you are experiencing issues with your drain system, contact Abbey Plumbing & Mechanical. We have the right tools and equipment to diagnose and fix your drain issues before they become bigger problems. Call us today at (905) 822-0521 and preserve your paved areas, yard and landscaping.


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