Surefire Ways to Tell If Your Pipes Might Need Replacing

Dealing with a clogged, broken, or slow running sewer line is unpleasant. If you are having issues with the plumbing in the kitchen sink, it is not easy to tell whether the drain is clogged or if the main sewer line is a problem. Before trying “do it yourself” remedies such as pouring liquids down the drain to unclog or relentlessly plunging the toilet, read this article and see if sewer line repair might be evident.

Surefire Ways to Tell If Your Pipes Might Need Replacing

Some significant problems (such as water damage) can be created by plumbing issues. Blockages, leaks, and ruptures prevent your water line from working well, wasting time and money. Below are three signs when your pipes need repair or replacement.

Water in Your Yard

If it hasn’t been raining and you notice random pools of water forming around your yard, those pools may indicate a leak. If a rupture forms in your water line, water leaks from the pipe and seeps to the ground. If you see an unexplained pool of water, avoid damage by calling a plumber immediately.

Inflated Water Bills

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If you haven’t increased the water usage in your home, a higher water bill is a sign of a leak. A smaller hole might take a little longer to be evident in the charges, but it can cause damage to your home and prove costly over time. Should you receive a higher water bill than normal, call a professional to come and check or repair your pipes.

Low water pressure

Surefire Ways to Tell If Your Pipes Might Need Replacing

A drop in water pressure could be due to a leak or blockage in the water line. A leak can be hard to find if it is small. If you suspect a leak, call a plumber right away to avoid water damage and get the pressure of the water back to normal.

Municipalities take care of water mains under the street, but it’s a homeowner’s responsibility to repair pipes on their property. Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical provides water main line installation and repair for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Contact us today at (905) 822-0521 for help with your emergency plumbing issues.


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