Water Conservation Tips for Summer

Water Conservation Tips for Summer

Canadians are among the greatest global consumers of water. A McGill University survey alleges the average Canadian uses 329 litres of water per day. During the summer period, water usage peaks as a result of rising temperatures.

Despite the fact that Canada has 25 percent of the earth’s total fresh water resource, sustaining the demand for potable water for every Canadian household comes at a hefty cost. On estimate, more than $88 billion is required to expand and maintain the country’s water infrastructures. That’s a budget requirement of $2,490 for every Canadian. With efficient water usage, we can help contain these costs.


How can you lower your”water footprint” on a daily basis? Be a wise consumer and practice these five water conservation hacks at home:


 Water Conservation Tips for Summer


  • Shorten your showers 

If you want to use less water, opt for shower over a bath. A long warm bath uses 80 litres of hot water while a shower uses 60 litres. While you’re at it, place a water receptacle on the floor of the shower to collect runoff water. That’s several litres of water you can reuse for other purposes like watering plants. Another way to save is to shorten your shower time.


Water Conservation Tips for Summer


  • Stop the tap

Use a basin or fill the sink with water rather than continually running the tap when you wash dishes by hand. If your water starts to get greasy, drain half of it and turn on the tap to replenish it with fresh water. By not letting the water run continually, you save 200 to 500 gallons a month.


 Water Conservation Tips for Summer


  • “Bucket wash” your car 

Washing your car at home using a bucket of water will save you money and can be increase water efficiency. Avoid using a hose as this consumes about ten gallons of water per minute for a single car. If possible, wash your vehicle near a lawn or garden (using biodegradable soap) so wastewater can be absorbed into the ground and by the grass.


 Water Conservation Tips for Summer


  • Fix leaky faucets

Drips may seem insignificant and slow but they add up to gallons when ignored. A faucet that leaks six drops per minute can waste approximately 1,200 litres of water annually. Contact a local plumber who can fix the leaks quickly and efficiently.


 Water Conservation Tips for Summer


  • Educate your family 

Household water conservation requires participation from every member of the family. Educate everyone — especially children — about the importance of saving water. Explain how simple efforts like closing the tap when brushing teeth or shortening shower time short can positively impact the environment. Young kids will grow up appreciating the value of conserving natural resources.


With wise water consumption, we allow our ecosystems to survive while conserving moisture for important uses like irrigation and farming. Being mindful of your usage also saves on water bills.

Scheduling regular plumbing check-ups and maintenance is an excellent way to save water and help the environment. Schedule an inspection today with a professional plumber in the GTA. Call Abbey Plumbing and Mechanical at (905) 822-0521 to schedule an appointment with our friendly team of experts.


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